An opportunity

My girlfriend has spotted what could be the perfect opportunity to develop my pavement focused campaign, or at least an excuse to focus the mind and make it happen. The London Sustainable Development Commission are inviting Londoner’s to apply for a voluntary position as ‘London Leader’ for sustainability. Applicants must propose a project that encourages the city to behave more sustainably. This looks interesting, though is it the very can of worms I’ve studiously avoided so far. Past, tentative experiments with working with my local authority of Southwark to improve the local environment (and the council owned tower block I live in) has been almost entirely disappointing and not worth the trouble. More recently I’ve had encouragement from Lambeth Council, where mayor Christopher Wellbelove revealed to me and the audience of “Lambeth Estates In Bloom” that he was also a guerrilla gardener. It’s of amusement to me that the neighbouring council should be more welcoming than my own… and with that good wind in my sails I’ve decided an application for London Leaders 2010 is worth a try with my pavement campaign as the project. I shall call it “Pimp Your Tree Pit”.

Mayor of Lambeth Christopher Wellbelove and Richard Reynolds of

Mayor of Lambeth Christopher Wellbelove and Richard Reynolds of

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