The P word

I’ve been to a couple of half day workshops run by the LSDC and Forum for the Future to prepare the 2010 London Leaders. We’re a wonderful hotch potch of characters and campaigns, with ideas that touch on understanding the source of our food, getting children to walk to school, benefit entitlement and recycling furniture to name a few. Today we had to do a ‘dragon’s den’ pitch of our projects. My three bits of colourful card with photos of beautiful pavements and the fancy new logo I designed late last night went down well. Since I applied for the programme I’ve changed the name from Pimp Your Tree Pit to Pimp Your Pavement. It’s simpler, people I researched the name with didn’t know what a tree pit was, and it sounded like it might be something in a garden. The word pimp has also gone down well too. Except that Patrick of the LSDC now tells me some of his colleagues might have a problem with it! Oh dear. I’ll hear in a little while if the name needs to change.

London Leaders workshop

London Leaders workshop

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One Response to The P word

  1. Great news. The Pimp word has been approved by the powers that be at the LSDC and GLA!

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