Trinity Street “Piazza” Pimped

This morning we successfully pimped six tree pits on patch of pavement that is now so smart the locals are calling is a piazza. In went an assortment of plants (Lavender, Mount Atlas Daisy, Purple Sedum, Perennial Wallflower, Swift and Primula) and a couple of bags of peat free compost. Not that the soil needed enriching, it was fresh and deep. The cost to me of this £150. The cost to the council £0. Given that this pimping was all entirely legitimate, no guerrilla gardening here, it was a little concerning to hear just days before the dig that Southwark’s Head of Public Realm Des Waters was not too pleased about the Pimp Your Pavement initiative and expected his men would rip it all up because they’d not planted it. Thankfully he was advised to advise his men not to by Cllr McNally. And I’m trusting that even if Des message doesn’t pass down the ranks smoothly the damage won’t happen because it seldom happens to guerrilla gardens – if contractors see a well tended flower bed and it’s not planted to cause hazard they are intelligent enough to leave it alone. I’ve heard this directly from front line staff working for Transport for London and Lambeth Council horticulture departments. But the fact that Des’ response was so negative shows what a big journey is ahead (in my local borough at least). Attitudes need to change in these departments if the benefits that come from residents gardening in the public realm can come from any other strategy than a guerrilla one. I want their attitude to turn from quiet tolerance to active encouragement and support as I have seen elsewhere.

Trinity Street Tree Pit

One of the six pimped tree pits

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