Unfortunate chopping

Earlier this year my neighbours and I pimped three tree pits in Princess Street Southwark. We planted around three ornamental pear trees that Trees For Cities had planted here in spring 2006. Actually they’d planted four but one had been removed. Now another has been chopped down too. Which is all rather disappointing considering how lovely (and expensive) they were. It turns out it had been planted in a rather stupid place – directly in front of a traffic light, which just goes to show, that even when professionals are pimping pavements with trees, they can get things wrong. I’ve spoken to Trees For Cities and we hope to find some new locations for more permanent trees. Nevertheless, the tree pit remains and I’ll be repairing the planting around the stump. Here’s a photo of the tree before it was chopped (with, by chance, Mayor Boris Johnson next to it), and how it looked today!

London Mayor Boris Johnson next to the Princess Street pear tree before it was chopped.

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