Stoke Newington’s Ladies That Pimp

I gave a talk at the Stoke Newington Literary Festival this morning about guerrilla gardening and my Pimp Your Pavement project. And afterwards a delighted woman called Chris told me about her street nearby where several residents have been planting up the tree pits in the pavements on both sides of their Victorian terraces. It all started with one lady doing the couple nearest her home and has now spread to about seven tree pits… with plenty more opportunity for others to adopt some too.

Stoke Newington Pimped Pavement

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One Response to Stoke Newington’s Ladies That Pimp

  1. Penny Walker says:

    Ah, but did she tell you about the tree in the same street (if I’m not mistaken) with the golden fox’s head scultped in the space left by a long-removed branch?

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