The Gardens of You Me Bum Bum Train’s

When You Me Bum Bum Train got in touch I thought they might be confused about what kind of pimping I offered. But they weren’t. They needed help transforming two very miserable old flower beds outside a derelict council office in Tower Hamlets in preparation for their big show in July. They had a budget for plants, they even had permission to do it, they just needed manpower and skill… so I sought help from London guerrilla gardeners who were up for doing something legal for once, and over two consecutive Sunday afternoon’s we transformed the dandelion fields into the most formal beds I’ve ever got my fingers into: hummocks of soil crowned with New Guinnea Busy Lizzies and surrounded by rings of white, pink and purple petunias.

Pavement pimping in progress on Cambridge Heath Road

The grand gardens poised to bloom (come back in July!)

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One Response to The Gardens of You Me Bum Bum Train’s

  1. diana says:

    and can I say the beds look and smell fantastic … thanks

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